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Social and behavioral research is often about data with a hierarchical or multilevel structure. Multilevel modeling used to be only for specialists. However, in the past decade, multilevel analysis software has become available that is both powerful and relatively accessible for applied researchers. There are also several reviews and monographs, applications in different fields ranging from psychology and sociology to medicine, and a thriving Internet discussion list with 1400+ subscribers.

In 1996 I wrote a small book to introduce (graduate) students to multilevel analysis. This book, Applied Multilevel Analysis, is available on the publications section of my homepage as a downloadable pdf-file. However, it was slowly becoming outdated, and at some point I decided to write a new and much expanded version. That book has become Multilevel Analysis, Techniques and Applications, published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

For more information you can go to the general Erlbaum site, or you can go directly to the specific information about my book here. I plan to use this section of my homepage to put other book-related material, such as the example data sets. This part will be under perennial construction, I fear.

For the moment, you can view the contents of the book. There is a copy of the first two chapters if you are interested. And yes, to my dismay there is an errata file.

The data sets used for the examples are available in ZIPped form. Currently I have the data in the formats for SPSS/Windows, SPSS/Portable, EXCEL and in RAW DATA format.

The UCLA Academic Technology Services maintain a large website that supports many statistical and non-statistical applications. They have a page for my book, that discusses analyses from selected chapters using (at the moment) HLM, MLwiN, SAS and Stata. They present input and output and discuss the results briefly. There are also copies of the data files in various formats. You will find all these goodies at the Hox Examples page. They maintain many other pages like that, in the multilevel field for the books by Goldstein, Kreft/de Leeuw, Raudenbush/Bryk (2nd edition), and Snijders/Bosker. This website is a great one, and well worth a visit!

And do not worry, I will keep the free version of my old book available as long as there is a demand for it!


Last updated: 20 February, 2003

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