Welcome to Joop Hox's homepage!

Thanks for visiting my home page. It is an ongoing project, which is irregularly updated. I am a professor of social science methodology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University. My research interests are data quality in surveys and analysis models for complex data. My recent survey research focusses on nonresponse problems in surveys and interviewer effects. The complex data I work with are often multilevel or clustered data. In the publications section you will find some recent references, some of which are downloadable. In that place you also find my old introductory multilevel book Applied Multilevel Analysis, which is downloadable. Information about my book Multilevel Analysis, Techniques and Applications is in separate sections, one for the first edition (2002) and one for the second edition (2010). The section 'papers and programs' contains some utility programs that I find handy, copies of presentations and papers that have not made it to a formal publication (yet), and some multilevel data sets I have used for examples.


Last updated: June 2014

E-mail to j.hox@uu.nl